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Cross Hire Pty Ltd, Cross Mechanical is one of the leading companies for mechanical services and dozer hire. We will partner with you in your project, whether you are building or demolishing. We have the skills for repairing and fixing heavy mechanical equipment including excavators, face shovels and so many other equipment. If you bought your machinery and need to assemble or dismantle it, for whatever cause, we will be happy to assist you to this end. We have the skilled mechanics and specialists who will handle such task in a safe manner. For all your mechanical services and hiring of dozers, we will be happy to partner with you.

Dozers for Hire

Whenever you have a project that needs a dozer, you do not need to buy one. We are here to offer you our different dozers for hire. We will provide professional services and our customer service is dedicated to paying attention to your details. It does not matter the size of the job that you have, whether it is a small job in your home or a huge industrial task; we’ve got you covered. We have the best dozers that will help you finish your project pretty fast. Our skilled operators are concerned about your overall safety and will help you with your project.

In the recent years, we have been offering specialized mechanical service for earthmoving equipment. We will carry our repairs and servicing of your fleet. Our overall objective is to see to it that you are working with safe equipment. You are free to hire any dozer that you may deem fit for the task at hand. Our experts will also take the time to analyze your needs and give their professional view on the right machinery to hire.

Experienced Operators

The good news is that you do not have to worry about operating the dozers. We have an experienced team of machine operators with the latest skills. We keep training our staff and we have the capacity to handle any type of dozer. Our team of highly skilled mechanics is responsible for the servicing, repairs and maintenance. This is the secret behind the efficiency of our dozers as they will never fail while they are on the job. Our mechanics also provide repairs and maintenance for different types of plant and machines.
With the wide range of dozers that we have, we are able to serve so many clients, across the board. Our extensive fleet is well maintained to be in excellent quality at all times. We are capable of handling all earthmoving and even excavation projects. Wherever you are, just call us and we will provide a dozer that matches your needs.

At Cross Hire Pty Ltd, Cross Mechanical we are glad to offer you the best dozers for hire as well as professional mechanical services. Hire dozers from us or allow us to service and maintain your own equipment. We are committed to giving you the best service, without compromising on the quality. Get in touch with us today and we will be glad to partner with you.

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